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Welcome to She Spoke.

The veil between worlds isn’t as thick as we like to think. Look hard enough and you’ll find the cracks. Try hard enough and you might just make it through. They say Sigdranus came from there, that place beyond the shadows where the nothing-good live. They say that when she did the world broke too. So they locked it all away behind a great metal door and hoped it might be enough. --- Four Point, Indiana doesn’t have much to show for itself, a few corner markets, some run down gas stations, and a local legend. They call it “The Devil’s Garden,” and if you pay $5 down at Deland’s Convenience Store, you can visit the old hatch where the world first broke. Or so they say. A rather bland exhibit, an empty cave with nothing much to show for itself except an intense and overwhelming aura of dread.

She Spoke launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of She Spoke! Comics coming soon!

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